5KM Carnival Run @ Bedok Reservoir 2016 Review

My first 5KM race ever. I have never done a 5KM race before but from what I gather, the strategy for a short race is to go all out!


I didn’t do anything special to prep for this race. I continued with my training prep for the Sundown Marathon which comes with some fartlek training so I think it helped ready me for the speed. I was gunning to complete 5KM in less than 30mins but I told myself to not take it too hard if I can’t.

Race Day 

The race venue was at my home ground, Bedok Reservoir, so I am quite familiar with the terrain. The loop is a mix of loose gravel and tar road. I arrived 30mins prior to the race which starts at 6pm, and already there were many people there.  Continue reading “5KM Carnival Run @ Bedok Reservoir 2016 Review”