18.45KM The Straits Times Run In The City 2016 Review

My final long distance run before the long awaited Sundown Full Marathon! This is also my second last run for the first half of the year. And here goes the review.

Race Pack Collection

I went to collect the race pack on the last day of the race pack collection that was held at Raffles City.


It was a simple affair, there were a few sponsor booths like Compressport, Panasonic there and a dedicated area with ample volunteers for the race pack collection. Collection was a breeze.


There was no queue and the lady volunteer took my IC, scanned it, then proceeded to get my race bib and race tee and off I go with the little blue bag.

I thought that the race pack was pretty decent. There was a towel, instant oatmeal, a shower gel, and a cute keychain together with the usual race tee and race bib in a drawstring bag.

Since it is run organised by the newspaper, there is a special Straits Times Run newspaper with essential information like race routes, start times and other interesting reads inside. There was also an overload of vouchers by various sponsors.

Race pack collection: 5/5

Race pack: 3.5/5

Race Day

It was raining heavy prior to the race start time of 5am and I was afraid that the rain would affect this race. However, I received an SMS at around 3+am informing us that the race will go on, but that there may be a delay in the flag off time.

I reached the starting pen at 4.40am but it was not opened yet.


At around 4.45am, the starting pen opened and everyone began to slowly walk thru the narrow entrance that was surrounded by 4-5 security guards to make sure that everyone had a race bib on. There was a led warm up at around 5am and we were flagged off at 5.15am.  Continue reading “18.45KM The Straits Times Run In The City 2016 Review”