10KM Shape Run 2016 Review

My first race for the second half of the year begins with Shape Run 2016! Shape Run is a special run because it is the first race that I did 2 years ago. I remembered how poorly organised the finisher tee collection was then. It had snaking queues that left a bad impression for me.

Fast forward 2 years later, I joined the 10KM race again.

Race Day

The race was held at Bayfront Event Space beside MBS. I reached at 6am for the 6.45am flag off. It was still very quiet when I reached, the 15km runners were just flagged off and there were not many 10KM runners there yet.


There was a row of about 15-20 portable loos behind the starting line. However it was blocked by the baggage deposit area thus making it not visible.

By 6.30am, there were still not many runners at the event space, so I decided that this Shape Run did not attract many runners this year. Maybe the Pocari Sweat Run 1 night before this race took away a bulk of the runners.  Continue reading “10KM Shape Run 2016 Review”


10KM 2XU Compression Run 2016 Review

First race that I woke up late for and ended up in the second wave. Now I know how the wave system functions!

Race Goodie Bag

I didn’t collect the race pack myself so I can’t comment on collection, but the race pack is actually quite decent with physical sample products. There is one Soyjoy bar, Garnier Men facial wash, Tigerbalm muscle gel, one strip of Acti-Tape, and one running pouch. The running tee does not have any logos to indicate that it is for the 2016 2XU Run which I thought was great since some running tees just have too many huge logos everywhere.


I did my usual runs as part of my training for the Sundown Marathon, I didn’t particularly train at my 10KM ideal race speed so I was not aiming for a PB. I just thought that it will be a good race since I’m running with a friend.

Race Day

Having reaching the starting line at 6.50am for a 7am race, I was rather late so I didn’t use the portable loos or the bag drop area. Soon it was 7am and the runners that were lined up in front started running. Being at the back of the pack, I didn’t move forward much, and only manage to slowly walk forward. Soon the line stopped moving and we had to wait for a while and the second wave started 5 minutes later.  Continue reading “10KM 2XU Compression Run 2016 Review”

10KM Marina Run 2016 Review

My first wet race! It was raining on and off for the whole day, the air was cold and the ground muddy but it was a new experience for me.


I have not been training much since I lazed around during CNY so I tried to sneak in some pre 10 km race training during the week before Saturday. I ran a long run 10km, a tempo with fast finish 5 km and a tempo with fast finish 6 km on the treadmill to mentally prep myself for my race pace. I think that conditioning worked! I felt more ready for the race. My previous 10KM Brooks Run Happy demoralised me a little since I was really aiming for a PB in that race so I target to take it easy for this race.

Race Day

The race venue was at Gardens by the Bay East, which is nearest to Tanjong Rhu. I decided to walk from the National Stadium to the race venue even though there was a shuttle bus service. I was afraid of the long queue to board the shuttle and decided that it was a good warm up for my legs walking there. Continue reading “10KM Marina Run 2016 Review”

10KM Brooks Run Happy 2016 Review

First race of the year done! 10km completed wits a nett time of 1h 06m 15s. Although it’s not a PB, it was a meaningful one because I did it with my Sister.

We drove down to Big Splash and reached at 6.45am. It was kind of late since the race was at 7am and I was worried about not getting a parking space. Luckily the car park still had quite a few empty lots and I took it as an early sign that this is not a popular race. We walked over and I went to the portable loos. There was no queue and we soon went to the starting pen. The atmosphere at the starting pen was not high even though the race was starting in 5mins, it was also not crowded and we manage to secure a spot near the starting line and waited for the race to start. The emcee was working the crowd and he decided offhand to get a runner (I think a DJ) to flag off the race. Pretty not organised? Anyway, off we went!  Continue reading “10KM Brooks Run Happy 2016 Review”

Brooks Run Happy 2016 Race Pack Review

I collected my race pack for Brooks Run Happy over the weekend. It’s really happening, my first race of the year! Collection was at Key Power Sports located at Velocity@Novena Square. There were 2 days, Saturday and Sunday for the race pack collection, and I went on Sunday at around 3pm.

The collection was a rather low key event. There was a Brooks Run Happy promo banner outside the shop so you will know which shop to go to. Continue reading “Brooks Run Happy 2016 Race Pack Review”

Brooks Run Happy: Sub 60mins 10KM Training

I signed up for Brooks Run Happy 10KM as my first run in 2016 and convinced my sister to join me. Yay to running buddies! In order to train for this, I went online and found a sub 60 mins training plan.

I though of doing the half marathon option, but since it starts at Big Splash, I have a feeling that the race will be running the East Coast Park route. There is nothing bad about this route, but doing loops around the park can be monotonous and I can do it myself as my long slow distance training.

Joining this happy run and doing the 10KM option instead can be my challenge to myself do a sub 60 mins run. Continue reading “Brooks Run Happy: Sub 60mins 10KM Training”

From 0KM to 10KM: Great Eastern Women’s Run 2015 Training and Review

Wooh I did it! 10KM down and setting a PB in the process.

I’ve been wanting to do a 10KM this year after doing two 10KM runs last year, but with my running buddy pregnant and with me slacking on my training, I thought I’ll skip it this year. However, as the year inches to an end, my running itch got the better of me and I signed up running solo for the GE Run. I admit that I signed up for the GE Run partly because of the cheap price $37 (after various discounts) and the goodie bag (2 t-shirts). Continue reading “From 0KM to 10KM: Great Eastern Women’s Run 2015 Training and Review”