Cheap and Good IKEA Medal Hanger

I have thought of buying a medal hanger to hang my slowly expanding medal collection for a long time. However, the price of the hanger ($40-$50+), always stop me from checking out my cart.

One day, I was shopping at IKEA and saw their door hanger.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 10.32.24 pm
Credit: IKEA

Now, a nice looking medal hanger looks like this:

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 10.31.23 pm

I would love to (and still want to) have this medal hanger, Continue reading “Cheap and Good IKEA Medal Hanger”


2015 X’mas Edition: What to buy for a beginner runner

It’s the time of the year to be festive! The spirit of X’mas is in the air!

For this year, all I can think of for my X’mas wish list surrounds running gear. If you also have friends like me that are new into running, or if your friends’ 2016 resolution is to start running to stay fit and lose weight, maybe you can consider this list from the budget, midrange to expensive and pick something for their X’mas present or gift exchange.  Continue reading “2015 X’mas Edition: What to buy for a beginner runner”

Mi Band Review: My cheap and good starter fitness band

I’ve been wearing my Xiaomi Mi Band for slightly more than 1 month now and is still in love with it. The band cost $19.99 on it’s official site  (PS: it’s a little cheaper on Qoo10) and comes with an interchangeable strap with the removable sensor in the middle. I bought it to track my steps more accurately as I’m currently obsessed with walking more steps (>8000 steps) for a healthy heart. My iPhone’s tracker can’t satisfy me since I don’t carry the phone with me all the time. Here goes the review… Continue reading “Mi Band Review: My cheap and good starter fitness band”