10KM Shape Run 2016 Review

My first race for the second half of the year begins with Shape Run 2016! Shape Run is a special run because it is the first race that I did 2 years ago. I remembered how poorly organised the finisher tee collection was then. It had snaking queues that left a bad impression for me.

Fast forward 2 years later, I joined the 10KM race again.

Race Day

The race was held at Bayfront Event Space beside MBS. I reached at 6am for the 6.45am flag off. It was still very quiet when I reached, the 15km runners were just flagged off and there were not many 10KM runners there yet.


There was a row of about 15-20 portable loos behind the starting line. However it was blocked by the baggage deposit area thus making it not visible.

By 6.30am, there were still not many runners at the event space, so I decided that this Shape Run did not attract many runners this year. Maybe the Pocari Sweat Run 1 night before this race took away a bulk of the runners. 

There was a led warm up by the folks from True Fitness and we were flagged off!


It was a cooling morning, and I started slow. I didn’t train for this race so there was no PB goal for this race. I just wanted to run without injuring myself or putting any pressure on myself.


The path was rather wide at the beginning of the race when we were running past Gardens By The Bay (GBTB) , but it got narrow as we got to Gardens By The Bay East. This was because the pathway was divided into two, with cones in the middle of the path for runners to run to and fro. GBTB East was also where 3 water points were located, they were well adequate and were stocked with H20 and water.

Making a loop and running back towards GBTB, we merged with the 5km runners. However, many 5km runners were walking. It made running consistently difficult and the narrow path added to create the congestion.

We then ran onto the helix bridge, and down towards the floating platform where the 4th and last water point was located. Then making a turn, we ran on Esplanade Dr where 1 lane was blocked off for us runners. However, 1 lane was not wide enough for faster runners to cut through the slower runners. By then, there was 500m left in this race and soon I ran past the finishing line.


Upon finishing, we were split to different lines to get our medals. I took a cup of h20, a bottle of water and was handed Uncle Toby’s energy bar and the medal.


There were many things going on post race. There were quite a number of sponsor booths and the stage area had a piloxing workout going on. I joined in on the workout and it was quite fun!


Post Race Thoughts

Overall Race: 3.5/5

This was a race where I had to compromise with my pace because I knew that I can’t keep up with the pace that I was going 2 months ago. My ITBS injury is still not recovered despite me giving myself plenty of rest and it can be frustrating sometimes. But despite it all, I decided that I should go for this race, to see if running still makes me happy and I’m glad to say that it does.

The plus points for this race is not the race itself. Rather it was the post race events that I thought were quite interesting. There was just too much congestion throughout the race especially so when the 5km runners merged with us. This was a event with not much runners but some parts of the route was just too narrow to accommodate all of us. Using a cone to divide the path to create a two way traffic was a bad idea at GBTB and GBTB East. It made the path too narrow for overtaking.

There were not many volunteers cheering runners during the event, but they did an awesome job marshalling the area and refilling the cups at the hydration points.

Will I join this race next year? It’s 50/50 for me.

Race Pack


I got my race pack only today and I got to say that it is an awesome race pack with many goodies including big bottles of Tsubaki shampoo and conditioner. I notice that all ladies race packs tend to be more awesome then that of mixed race events so next race to sign up… GE Women’s Run 2016 maybe?


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