10KM 2XU Compression Run 2016 Review

First race that I woke up late for and ended up in the second wave. Now I know how the wave system functions!

Race Goodie Bag

I didn’t collect the race pack myself so I can’t comment on collection, but the race pack is actually quite decent with physical sample products. There is one Soyjoy bar, Garnier Men facial wash, Tigerbalm muscle gel, one strip of Acti-Tape, and one running pouch. The running tee does not have any logos to indicate that it is for the 2016 2XU Run which I thought was great since some running tees just have too many huge logos everywhere.


I did my usual runs as part of my training for the Sundown Marathon, I didn’t particularly train at my 10KM ideal race speed so I was not aiming for a PB. I just thought that it will be a good race since I’m running with a friend.

Race Day

Having reaching the starting line at 6.50am for a 7am race, I was rather late so I didn’t use the portable loos or the bag drop area. Soon it was 7am and the runners that were lined up in front started running. Being at the back of the pack, I didn’t move forward much, and only manage to slowly walk forward. Soon the line stopped moving and we had to wait for a while and the second wave started 5 minutes later. 

Once again, I ran too fast for the first KM (got to tell myself to start slow for run350), and somehow, during the second KM, my legs started cramping up! That’s a first for me. Luckily it was only minor and I managed to run consistently for the remaining distance. However, wearing a pair of very new shoes that I had not have time to break into yet,  I felt uncomfortable throughout the whole race. Note to self: Never do something like this again.

I didn’t stop at the first water point and took the cool Pocari Sweat at the second water point which was before the stadium. There was a line of drinks on the table at the second water point and it looked like the volunteers were coping well. However, it was chaotic at the forth water point before Marina Barage. This is because the half marathon runners merged with the 10KM runners here so the volunteers couldn’t cope with the influx of runners. However, they were working hard pouring drinks for us so kudos to that!

I think my legs felt stronger after the Marina Barage so I ran easier with a more positive mind. How different it felt running positive vs running with negative thoughts. Soon, we were running past Gardens by the Bay and we climbed some steps onto the bridge that led us towards the floating platform. This was also where I managed to sped up since there was only 1km left and ran past the finishing line at the F1 pit building.

Collection of the medal was systematic, 10KM runners and half marathon runners were separated after the finishing line and we were led to seperate pens to collect our medal, one Pocari Sweat drink, one banana and a cold towel. I have never gotten a cold towel before, but this has got to be the greatest runner perk!! How awesome to cool down with a cold towel after a hot race.

Post race, I saw a yoga session going on, a hydration booth for runners to get more fluids, 2XU ICE booth without anyone manning it, one printing booth to print Instagram photos (had to wait 20mins so gave that a miss), a tigerbalm rep going about giving out gels from the tube, a massage zone for runners with sore legs and a teeshirt exchange booth.  I thought that the post race area was nicely done up and  full of activity.

I ended up with a nett time of 1h02m43s which is only 10s off from my PB so I was happy with that given my struggles with the new shoe and muscle cramps.

Post Race Thoughts:

Overall race: 3.5/5

A large scale event with over ten thousand runners nicely done up. I thought that there were many hydration zones given that it was only a 10km race. However, distance markers were not placed every 1KM apart which I thought demoralizes runners as they do not know how much more they need to run. I officially dislike the tanjong rhu portion for any race as the path there is narrow making it difficult to cut through the slower runners unless you run on the grass area.

I loved the cold towel given post race! Putting it on the head to cool myself down is super shiok! If only the towel is of a higher quality then I can reuse it for trainings.

The medal itself is heavy and looked shiny in bronze.

Will I do this race again? Definately! Maybe a half marathon next year.

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