NTUC Income RUN 350 2016 Race Pack Review

The NTUC Income RUN 350 2016 race pack collection was held at Marina Square, Central Atrium, Lv1 for 3 days from 25-27 Mar 2016, 11am-8pm. I went at 4+pm on the last day.

There were signs placed near the venue to guide us to the collection location.


I was greeted by the large RUN 350 letters before I could see the collection booths.

Like the 2015 Standard Chartered Marathon, the large letters were made up of all the runners names.

I think that this is a nice touch and the message of how all of us runners make up the race is not lost on me. I was tempted to find my name, but decided to collect the race pack first.

There were 15 race pack collection booths and luckily for me, there was no queue when I went.

I was ushered to one of the booths, and a volunteer took my IC to verify my particulars. Another volunteer went to get my race tee. The first volunteer then checked that I got the race tee of the right size and that my racing bib was correct, placed them in a race pack and passed it to me. First impression of the race pack: light weight.

Mizuno was at the race pack collection with their shoes at 30% off. A good deal! Soleus running watch was also there. I think that these are the two booths selling running related products. NTUC Income being the title sponsor? was there too. There was also a counter selling the shuttle bus tickets and I saw one counter for people to drop their old medals for recycling (must be part of their green initiative).

I went to find my name after walking around and was excited that I found it!


I also took a look at the programme guide, and saw that my 21.1KM race starts at 5.00am. Start early, end early, saying yes to no hot sun.

What’s inside the bag?


The race pack is a round recyclable bag that looks like a duffle bag.


There is the bright orange Mizuno race tee, small sized racing bib (green race so save paper?), one pack of Cloversoft premium bamboo tissues (eco tissue) and a bunch of vouchers and pamphlets that consists of:

Mizuno 30% off discount voucher
Soleus 20% off all Soleus Watches
NTUC Income 1 month free personal accident insurance coverage
Orange Health Screening pamphlet
PA Assurance pamphlet

Essentially this is a very bare bones race pack with only a pack of tissue to wipe your perspiration with. I expected more from such a larger scale race so I am somewhat disappointed by the race pack.

Race pack collection: 5/5

Race pack: 1/5

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