5KM Carnival Run @ Bedok Reservoir 2016 Review

My first 5KM race ever. I have never done a 5KM race before but from what I gather, the strategy for a short race is to go all out!


I didn’t do anything special to prep for this race. I continued with my training prep for the Sundown Marathon which comes with some fartlek training so I think it helped ready me for the speed. I was gunning to complete 5KM in less than 30mins but I told myself to not take it too hard if I can’t.

Race Day 

The race venue was at my home ground, Bedok Reservoir, so I am quite familiar with the terrain. The loop is a mix of loose gravel and tar road. I arrived 30mins prior to the race which starts at 6pm, and already there were many people there. 

Since it is a carnival cum race, there were also stalls like game booths being set up.

I didn’t queue for the portable loos. There were only 4 portable loos here so there was a queue for it. I guess it was adequate though, since this was a small scale event. There was also a bag drop area, and I didn’t see a queue there.

While walking towards the starting pen, I chanced upon the mascot! Water Wally!

There were already many runners at the starting pen when I reached, and approximately 10mins before the race, the lady MC came and warm the crowd.

We waited for the grassroots members to flag off the race, which they were a bit late, so the race was flagged off a little off 6pm.

Soon enough, many runners were zooming pass me. I myself was running  too fast thanks to the adrenaline so I tried to slow down. We were running towards the path that leads to the small hilly upslope and in my mind I was thinking, I didn’t check the race route carefully, I didn’t know this was included! I used to do hill repeats here, and yeah, it is not my favorite upslope. Good thing is that this was right at the beginning of the race, fresh legs to do the upslope.

The terrain was relatively flat after the downslope and off we were to the gravel path. We did 1km on the gravel path, and merged to the tar path. This is also where a water point was, approximately 2.5km into the race. I took a cup of mineral water (which was fill to the brim), took a sip and powered on. I realized that it is impossible to down a cup of water halfway thru running, so sorry for the waste! We did about 1.5km on the tar road and took the stairs down to merge back to the gravel road. Last 1km to go. I checked my Garmin, 23+mins, and thought, okay, I may just miss the 30min mark if I lose speed.

I didn’t feel strong to run faster, instead I was starting to lose speed and didn’t manage to do a fast finish. I finished with a nett time of 30m40s.

Immediately after the race, there were 3 volunteers stationed at the end of the finish line and they passed us our medals, mineral water and 100plus. There was no zone set up to collect our medals.

Due to the carnival, there were snacks like candy floss, pop corn, mua chee available. There was also a luckily draw which was at 9ish, but I left soon after eating the pop corn.

Post race thoughts:

Overall race: 4/5

A well organised small scale race. I thought that it was a smooth race with well placed distance markers at each kilometer, adequate water point for such a short distance race, and enough volunteers stationed at different parts of the race to guide runners along.

The medal, shaped like the Bedok Reservoir is also cool to have.

For $25, this is a very value for money race.

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