10KM Marina Run 2016 Review

My first wet race! It was raining on and off for the whole day, the air was cold and the ground muddy but it was a new experience for me.


I have not been training much since I lazed around during CNY so I tried to sneak in some pre 10 km race training during the week before Saturday. I ran a long run 10km, a tempo with fast finish 5 km and a tempo with fast finish 6 km on the treadmill to mentally prep myself for my race pace. I think that conditioning worked! I felt more ready for the race. My previous 10KM Brooks Run Happy demoralised me a little since I was really aiming for a PB in that race so I target to take it easy for this race.

Race Day

The race venue was at Gardens by the Bay East, which is nearest to Tanjong Rhu. I decided to walk from the National Stadium to the race venue even though there was a shuttle bus service. I was afraid of the long queue to board the shuttle and decided that it was a good warm up for my legs walking there.


It rained when I was walking there, but the rain subsided when I reached the venue.


I reached at 5pm, around 30mins before the race start. Many runners were already there and I saw the 5KM fun runners finishing their run.


I heard the emcee announcing that the 10km run warm up will began soon, but it is not at the starting line. While walking to the portable loos, I saw the volunteers setting up the drinks station.


There were many portable loos lined at the grassy area.


Bad thing is that the rain made the grass wet and muddy at some areas. There was a short queue for the toilet and I made my way to the starting line.


The emcee soon came to warm the crowd, and sponsors from Herbalife came to flag off the race and we were off at 5.30pm.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 12.18.22 am

The path for the first km was well paved and I thought I ran too quickly. The atmosphere got to me but I told myself to slow down else I knew that I will suffer at the end.

The second km was a bumpy path that opens to face the sea. I was looking out for distance markers during the run, but I really think that they were not marked every km, at least I didn’t see all of them. There was the first water point after the second km and I ran past it and onwards towards East Coast Park.

2016.02 Marina Run 10km_2

For the third km, we had to cut through some grass patches here and the organisers placed wood boards on the ground but they were narrow 1m wide paths and muddy water splashed everywhere due to the rain. As we were essentially in a park, it was opened to the public and also bicycles. I saw some bicycles going really slow, trying the best not to get in the way of the runners.

We made a U turn at the fourth km which was before the bridge that connects to the ECP and ran back towards Gardens by the Bay East. There was the second water point here. There was plenty of water available and volunteers were busy refilling the cups. I drank the isotonic drink, it was cool but I decided that I didn’t like the taste, too sweet.

There was a third water point at the six km mark before we continued towards the Tanjong Rhu estate. It was the very water point that I saw prior to the race and I had water there. We then ran past the many condos. Kudos to the volunteers stationed at the entrances of the condos and made running safe for us as there were many cars entering the condos. We ran on the pedestrian path for this stretch and it was narrow. It can only hold 2 runners side by side so it was hard to overtake unless you cut via the grass beside the pedestrian path.

There was the last water point at the eight km. I drank water and pushed all the way.


The path was narrow here but the space was more open as compared to the condo area so it made running easier. I had that last bit of juice left in the tank and finished the race with a nett time of 1:02:33. A PB!


I proceeded to collect my finisher tee, finisher medal, banana, apple, Boozt isotonic drink and Fruitty water efficiently.


Post race thoughts:

Overall race: 4/5

I’ve read a lot of negative things about the previous editions of this race so I was a bit apprehensive about this race. However, it was cheap with all the discounts and I decided to take a bet. I’m glad I did and that I chose the 10km option.

Choosing the 10km option means that the race is sandwiched in between 2 races, the 5km and 21km. It means that there will still be ample supply of water at water points and also post race food at the finishing point.

The 10km run starts at 5.30pm and given how the sun sets later during the start of the year, it will not turn pitch dark until around 7.30pm and many of us will already have completed the race. There are really some parts of the race especially from 1km-2km that looks like it is not equipped with street lights, I assumed that the 21km runners had it tougher with the dim conditions.

I didn’t like how we were running on the narrow pedestrian path beside the condos during some parts of the race. Firstly, the path is for public use and I overheard one old woman talking to one volunteer about how the runners were occupying all of the path. Secondly, because the path is so narrow, it made overtaking slow runners difficult.

I’m glad that I did not do the baggage drop because when I was leaving the venue at around 6.45pm, I saw a snaking queue of 21km runners waiting to drop their bags. I didn’t know how it was for the 10km runners, but it looked like things is not looking good baggage drop logistics wise.

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