10KM Brooks Run Happy 2016 Review

First race of the year done! 10km completed wits a nett time of 1h 06m 15s. Although it’s not a PB, it was a meaningful one because I did it with my Sister.

We drove down to Big Splash and reached at 6.45am. It was kind of late since the race was at 7am and I was worried about not getting a parking space. Luckily the car park still had quite a few empty lots and I took it as an early sign that this is not a popular race. We walked over and I went to the portable loos. There was no queue and we soon went to the starting pen. The atmosphere at the starting pen was not high even though the race was starting in 5mins, it was also not crowded and we manage to secure a spot near the starting line and waited for the race to start. The emcee was working the crowd and he decided offhand to get a runner (I think a DJ) to flag off the race. Pretty not organised? Anyway, off we went! 

I got off to a good start, maintaining at a speed of 10-10.5km/h. I was looking out for the distance markers but didn’t manage to see the 1km and 2km ones. I skipped the first water point and continued with this pace until I reached the second water point with a table full of coconut water. This is where I had my first taste of coconut water. It was pretty sweet and having it lukewarm is not thirst quenching. It was not to my taste. This is also where the U turn is and we 10km runners merged with the 21km runners.

Since we were flagged off much later than the 21km race, we were merging with the mid paced 21km runners and many of them were slowing down (some to a walk). This made running at a constant speed tricky and I had to weave in and out of some large groups that occupied the whole pavement. I soon reach the 3rd water point and was greeted with volunteers that shouted “Chinese tea! Oolong tea!” in front of a group elderly doing taichi. Trying to be funny. Anyway, the coconut water was cool and it tasted so much better. By then, my speed has dropped to 9+km/h and I knew that I will not break the 60min barrier.

We soon merged with the 5km fun runners, many of them walking and it was more weaving in and out for me. I stopped at the 4th water point for the last boost of hydration and continued towards the second U turn. The U turn point was a muddy grass patch so I reckoned all the Run Happy runners ended up unhappy with a pair of muddy shoes. At this point, I managed to push myself and gave it a fast 1+km to complete the race.


After passing the finishing line, I collected my medal, one bottle of coconut water, donut and cookie smoothly and received a SMS with my unofficial time. I downed all the coconut water and waited for my Sister to complete her race and went home.


Post race thoughts:

Overall race: 3/5

The biggest take away from this race is that I must not skip on my long run training. Long runs get me mentally prepared for the long distance and it was really useful in prepping me for my previous StandChart 21km race. Not doing them made me go ‘are we done yet?’ in my mind many times during the race.

I’ve only joined the bigger runs like SHAPE, GE Women’s Run and Standchart so I didn’t know what to expect for a low key run event. To me, the race lacked atmosphere. I didn’t feel like I’m in a race half the time that I’m running.

I didn’t like how we merged with the 21km runners so early in the race (think the 4th km) so it made running at a constant speed difficult. We then merged with the 5km fun runner when there’s about 3km to go and it made it worst.

I thought that some volunteers at the water points were too rowdy and loud in the wrong way.  They were not cheering for the runners but were just joking around and making a fool of themselves. However, I know that it’s not easy waking up so early and it’s tiring work to keep refilling cups so still, kudos to their effort.

I loved how there was food post race and I drank all the cool coconut water, but I think coconut water don’t sit well with me. I got a stomachache after that.

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