Brooks Run Happy 2016 Race Pack Review

I collected my race pack for Brooks Run Happy over the weekend. It’s really happening, my first race of the year! Collection was at Key Power Sports located at Velocity@Novena Square. There were 2 days, Saturday and Sunday for the race pack collection, and I went on Sunday at around 3pm.

The collection was a rather low key event. There was a Brooks Run Happy promo banner outside the shop so you will know which shop to go to.


Upon entering the shop, you will have to walk to the back end of the shop (the shop is not big, but just the more inside of the shop) to see the race pack collection booth.


There was no queue when I went to collect my race pack so I smoothly went through the collection process. I gave the staff my IC, he scanned it, went to get my singlet, told me that I must not open the plastic of the singlet if I am doing exchange, and told me to check that my name is correct on the bib. He then gave me the race pack and that’s it, collection done.

I spied a couple of staff tending to the few counters available, and I think that it should be sufficient for this event. This is after all a smaller scale event as compared some of the others.


The race pack is a small plastic bag consisting of a few items. There are the essentials: race singlet, bib, racetime shoe tag; and the goodies: small pouch which is just a little small for the iPhone 6s, Fred & Chloe soft dough cookies, Asepso apple fresh antibacterial body wash and Spa Infinity complimentary wellness voucher.

There is not much in this goodie bag, but I felt that the free physical gifts are so much better than useless vouchers. I can use the small pouch, eat the cookies and use the body wash. This is what a goodie bag should be like!

Race Pack Collection: 4/5

Race Pack: 3.5/5

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