Review: Morning In Anytime Fitness Hougang

I recently joined Anytime Fitness Hougang located at Ci Yuan CC. I was looking for a gym and upon googling, saw that they were having a pre-opening sale. I got my membership at $88 nett per month and I can access all its gyms starting Feburary onwards (locked in to Hougang for the first month). Macpherson, Tampines, Bedok here I come! 


I went for the first time one week ago, 2 days after its opening. Before I joined, I was made known of the lack aminities that bigger gyms provide like small/big towels, water cooler and and shower facilities (there are only changing rooms), so I brought my small towel with me. I parked at the basement carpark and took the lift to level 4 where the gym is located. The gym gives 24hr access to its members which is partly why I joined because the previous gym that I went to only opens at 8am on Sundays, which is too late for me. This gym allows me to come as and when I want, even super early in the morning.


I reached at 7.30am and upon reaching the door, tapped my access card to enter the gym. This access card is the reason why the gym can be operated 24hrs, with hours unstaffed in between.

The gym is not big, I saw 5 treadmills, 2 elliptical machine, 1 bike, a rowing machine, and other machines which I didn’t take notice and don’t know about. Their website should have more info. I hopped on to the treadmill and got started on my run. The treadmill is a new model Life Fitness machine, and can let you run 60mins before it stops (safety feature?).


The gym was pretty empty in the morning, I saw around 5-6 people and a friendly staff around. He was chatting with an auntie and teaching her how to use one of the machines. The emptiness is why I like to gym in the morning. I free less pressured doing my training as I hog onto it for 1 hour. There was one guy on the treadmill when I first started running, but he soon left and there was only me at the treadmill area.
I finished my run and was tempted to use the rowing machine, but I got to rush back home to wash up and go to work. So I tapped out using my access key and left.

Anytime Fitness Hougang does have small classes too so I think  for $88 (my promo price) and a worldwide access to gyms, I made a pretty good decision to join them.

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