What Got Me Into Running

Looking back, I wound have never got into running if my bestie didn’t ask me to join her in the 2014 10KM Shape Run. I remembered that she did the NTUC 350 run that year, and I guess that got her hooked onto mass long distance running. I rejected her at first, reason being although I don’t dislike exercising, running a 10KM distance reminded me terribly of my dragon boat training days where we had to either run one long loop at the Kallang River or a loop of the Bedok Reservoir with the guys, which was fast paced and I never got to keep up. So long distance running to me is a never ending distance, fast paced and tiring. 

However, she invited me at a opportune moment because my boyfriend at that time was a fitness freak and somehow I wanted to do something to change my sedentary lifestyle. Ultimately, I joined her and we did out first 10KM run together. Pre race, I trained by running 2-3 times a week, running for 2.4-6KM each time. On the day of the race, we went to the pen early, took our selfie and off we went running.

SHAPE Run 2014_2

We did it at a comfortable pace as we were not running for a personal best but just for the fun of it. We ran, drank from the hydration points, pushed ourselves on when the last few KMs got tougher and posed for the photographers. We reached the finish point tired but happy, and posed with our medals. The feeling post race was of a sense of achievement.

SHAPE Run 2014_3

I have never ran a 10KM distance before and to be able to do it with a close buddy in a sea of runners was euphoric. I thought that I knew why people join races time and again even though it’s tough. It’s something that you will need to experience it to understand.

Running for a race is the accumulation of the discipline to get the training done and running with strangers from all walks of life, all shapes and sizes is very special. Everyone ran the race with a different motive but we all reached the finishing line at the end, our goal of completing it done. I was lucky that someone invited me to join for a race together as it was impossible that I would have done it alone for the first time.

This was my first race, and I got hooked onto joining races.

Soon enough, bestie and I signed up for our second race together, the 10KM Standard Chartered Marathon 2014 and that really sealed the deal of my budding love for running.


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