1 Day In ActiveSG Bedok Gym: How To Join & Review

I’m in between gym memberships right now and have to source for pay per use gyms to go to. I’ve heard of Singapore Sports Council’s ActiveSG Gym before so I went googling about it to see what it is about.

From what I gathered, I will need to download the ActiveSG App and sign up for a free ActiveSG membership before I can use the gym. The cost of entry is $2.50 and the fee is paid for using the app. It’s sounds easy but a bit confusing… Like huh? Pay using the app? How to top up to pay for the entry? 

I went to the ActiveSG Bedok Gym with all the first timer questions about entry in mind. Upon entry into the facility, I approached a young friendly staff and told the staff that it’s my first time here and that I’ve registered with ActiveSG and downloaded the app. The staff warmly walked me through the whole process. To enter the gym, I logged into the app, went Menu> VCard and scanned the on screen QRCode. My profile picture and name appears on the big screen and I’m in. What about payment? Once you signed up for ActiveSG, ActiveSG gives you $100 ActiveSG $. Which means essentially you pay for the $2.50 entrance fee using the $100 ActiveSG $ that is credited to you. Gym for free! Yay! However, I was told that I need to have towel with me (which I didn’t) and so I bought one from them at $1. Upon leaving the gym, you will have to scan your VCard or IC again and you are off.

First impressions

It’s small scale and very crowded for 12.30pm on a weekday. There are many people using the free weights and machines. I’m only interested in the treadmill so it’s okay for me. However, there are only 3 treadmills and it was all being used at the moment. As I have to wait for the treadmill, I went on the elliptical machine to do some cross training. A gym staff approached me and ask me If everything is good, which was a kind gesture. I saw 2 guys queuing for the treadmill while I was on the elliptical machine. It set me thinking, oh I have to queue for it.

Since there were only 2 people queuing for the treadmill, I went to do other stuff, like the rowing machine! It’s one of my old favourites, reminds me of my dragon boat land training days. The machine was old, the handle was made of wood, and made a metallic sound every time I pulled the handle bar. Like the other machines around here, this one also has some age to it.

I did a bit and went to queue for the treadmill, my main purpose here. The reason why I do trainings on the treadmill is that I can set the incline to mimic a hill run when it is my hill training day. I planned to do 2 miles easy, 4 x 1.30min hill repeats and another 2 miles easy. Finally it was my turn and I went on the treadmill. It’s a old model Life Fitness machine and well used. However, there is a sticker that says I can only spend 20mins plus 5mins cool down on it. It’s impossible that I can complete the training that I had in mind so I trimmed my plan. Kinda bummed by it.

Final thoughts

The gym is well equipped with small quantities of different machines so it is highly possible that you will have to wait for the more popular ones. There is free ActiveSG wifi here so you can always swap social media sites while waiting for your turn. It is possible to have a good workout here, however since I’m used to bigger gyms where the people and machines are well spread out, I felt kinda squeezy in the gym. Overall, this is a busy neighbourhood gym with a low price point and friendly staff. Will I come back again for my treadmill runs, maybe not.


5 Bedok North Street 2 Singapore 469645

Mon/Wed/Fri : 7.00am – 10.00pm
Tue/Thur : 8.30am – 10.00pm
Sat : 8.30am to 8.00pm
Sun : 9.00am – 8.00pm
Public holidays : 9.00am – 5.00pm

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