2015 X’mas Edition: What to buy for a beginner runner

It’s the time of the year to be festive! The spirit of X’mas is in the air!

For this year, all I can think of for my X’mas wish list surrounds running gear. If you also have friends like me that are new into running, or if your friends’ 2016 resolution is to start running to stay fit and lose weight, maybe you can consider this list from the budget, midrange to expensive and pick something for their X’mas present or gift exchange. 

Budget: If it’s for a co-worker (Less than $15)

Running Belt (Get from Qoo1o for best prices)

A running belt is great because runners always have that loose key, cash and phone that they need to carry with them for the run. Go for those running belts with pockets big enough to hold an iPhone 6 Plus. Your friend will thank you for that.

Running Socks (Get from any sports shop)

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 7.27.46 pm.png

As a beginner runner, I didn’t know the importance of a good pair of socks until I got my first huge blister on my foot. A good pair of running socks is able to wick away moisture, so the socks do not stay damp (in the case of 100% cotton) and encourage blisters to form. I got my first pair of running socks from Nike and got a pair of toe socks from Injinji (they are supposedly performance socks that are at the top of their game at eliminating blisters). You can also get any socks labeled for ‘running’ that is made of synthetic fabrics as they wick away moisture efficiently.

Mid range: If it’s for that present capped at $30

Xiaomi’s Mi Band (Get from Qoo10 for best prices)

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 9.07.53 am
Credits: Xiaomi Official Site

If your friend is crazy about calories burnt during a run and how many steps they have taken for one day then get them a fitness tracker! Xiaomi’s Mi Band is low profile and great as a beginner fitness tracker (read my review here). Gift them one of these especially if they are running to lose weight.

Yurbuds Running Earphones (Get from Amazon and use a 3rd party shipping company)

Credits: yurbuds.com

I cannot run without my music and so I need a pair of good earphones for my run. When it comes to running, I’m not looking for that Beats by Dr. Dre, but instead something that does not hurt my ears and can stay in my ears during my run. I chanced upon Yurbuds when they had a roadshow at Novena Square and was doubtful about their claim that they never fall out. However, after getting the most basic pair and running 2 10KM races with them, I can vouch that they will never fall out (you must twist lock it securely), and that they are soft enough to not hurt your ears since they will need to stay inside your ears for a good few hours during your runs.

Hydration Belt (Get from Amazon and use a 3rd party shipping company)

Credits: http://www.nathansports.com

I get thirsty when I train for more than 12KM and the water cooler is usually not in sight when I need it. I tried running and holding the bottle but it just didn’t work for me. Insert hydration belt. Strapping small bottles around the waist and having your own supply of water as and when required is essential for that long run. Furthermore most hydration belts also have a small pouch for you to put keys and cash making it more user friendly. This gift will be especially ideal if your friend is training for their first half marathon or marathon!

Spurge: If it’s for your close friend ($50 and above)

Race slots (Check out our local race calendar)

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 7.20.31 pm.png
Credits: ruffledwhiteskirt.blogspot.sg

There are many local races every month and as a budding runner, there is the urge to sign up for many (myself included!). However, the races are usually not cheap. Take 2XU and Sundown for example, the 10KM run is priced at $52 and $56 respectively. Gift your friend a race slot and make their day! They will thank you for this.

Medal Hanger (Get from medalsnbibs)

Credits: medalsnbibs.com

This is something that I want for myself! Buy your friend a medal hanger and let them hang their medals in all of its glory. No longer does your friend need to hide their hard earned medals inside a drawer. Furthermore, this adds an decorative element to their homes.

Running Watch

Credits: http://www.dcrainmaker.com

For a X’mas present to myself, I bought a Garmin Forerunner 220 at a steal of $219 last week during the crazy 12.12 sales. As a runner training for my first marathon, having a watch that can tell me my pace, time, distance when I need it as opposed to using a phone app is more practical. Get your friend a running watch if your friend is getting serious about running. There are many running watches from Polar and Garmin that are in the $100 range and I heard that the Garmin Forerunner 15 is an excellent runner watch.

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