Brooks Run Happy: Sub 60mins 10KM Training

I signed up for Brooks Run Happy 10KM as my first run in 2016 and convinced my sister to join me. Yay to running buddies! In order to train for this, I went online and found a sub 60 mins training plan.

I though of doing the half marathon option, but since it starts at Big Splash, I have a feeling that the race will be running the East Coast Park route. There is nothing bad about this route, but doing loops around the park can be monotonous and I can do it myself as my long slow distance training.

Joining this happy run and doing the 10KM option instead can be my challenge to myself do a sub 60 mins run. I have yet to do a sub 60 min 10KM run, my GE Women’s Run was done in 01:05h (my PB), so I thought this flat and well paved East Coast Park route is it! No killer slopes or stairs so I’ll go break my PB in this! Actually, the official running route is not out yet, but I think it will definitely be running in the ECP.

Women’s Running is my go to website for running articles and training plans and so I’ll be using the sub 60 mins training plan from there (there’s also a sub 50 and sub 45 mins training plan for those interested). I found using training plans to be effective for beginners like me as it details clearly what needs to be done, say easy runs, interval runs, tempo runs that makes me work towards an objective for the day’s training. Also, having tempo and interval runs breaks the monotone from doing only easy runs, and apparently it is to improve endurance to finish strong in a race.

The article from which I got my sub 60 mins 10KM plan is titled ‘Fastest 10K Ever’. Sounds exciting but I hope do-able! Even though the plan is a 12 weeks training plan, but since I only got 5 weeks before the race, I’ll cut short this training by only doing the trainings from Week 8 to Week 12. I hope that since I’m fresh off my Standard Chartered Half Marathon, I’m at the fittest I can be, and so will be able to do this.

Meanwhile, training starts tomorrow!

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