Standard Chartered Marathon 2015 Race Pack Review

I collected my Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS) race pack with excitement this morning. Okay, maybe I shouldn’t be so excited since from experience, the race pack is nothing to rave about. Here goes the review…

The SCMS race pack collection is at far away Singapore Expo Hall 6. It is a convenient location for easterners like me, but for people staying at the west, going to Expo is not that fun.


I went at 10 in the morning and can already feel the buzz surrounding this race pack collection. There are many people already there, so following the people led me to the right hall.


Upon entering the hall, passionate volunteers greeted us warmly and they also provided assistance to people that are unsure of where to go. It is quite straightforward; there are barricades and signs like “Half Marathon”, “Marathon”, “10KM” set up, so following them will lead you to the right place.


Being early at 10am, there was no queue and I was smoothly directed by one of the volunteers to one of the many counters to do my collection.


It was the usual process, I shown my confirmation slip to the volunteer and he promptly got one other person to get my race pack for me. This is collection done. It’s like a well oiled machine, the whole process was very smooth.


After the race pack collection, you will be led out to the Sports and Lifestyle expo area.

Before reaching the Sports and Lifestyle expo area, you will see a huge “Run For A Reason” sign on one side which some people will take a picture with.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 11.26.56 pm

On the other side, there is a  “We Race As One” sign. There is a crowd of people surrounding the latter sign and on closer look, I realised that this is because everyone’s name is on this sign! Quite cool.

Adidas greeted everyone first as the first exhibitor, then Land Rover and so on. The exhibitors are all enthusiastic and some offered free gifts. I got a free running belt which turned out to be better than the things in the race pack.


This year’s race pack consists of a lot of papers which made the race pack heavy. Don’t be fooled into thinking that there are many goodies inside. There is your race singlet (blue for male, green for female), race bib, a baggage advisory paper for half marathoners like me, event handbook, magazine, various discount vouchers from Swisse ($10 off) to Seiko (special price) to GrabTaxi (discount code), and flyers from Land Rover, Orange Clove, psb Academy etc. There are 3 physical sample products namely Muscle Gel from Tiger Balm, Sunblock from Neutrogena, and Ampule from CNP Laboratory.


I would actually love to have more physical sample products than vouchers and discount codes. I think we all like physical gifts that are handed to us, rather than putting in another effort to use that voucher or code.

Race Pack Collection: 5/5

Race Pack: 2/5

Sports and Lifestyle Expo: 4/5


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